At Pious Hearts, we know that finding that right person to spend the rest of your life with, is by far the most challenging obstacle you will encounter. We believe that learning as much as possible about our client’s personality is the key to finding the right match. Our strong intuition and outstanding reputation means that we continually attract quality clients who are ready to find that special one. We understand the challenges with online dating websites and apps, that is why we created a personalized matchmaking service that is private, secure and safe. During our initial consultation, we learn about our client’s individual lifestyle, family background, and values. It’s this unique matchmaking methodology that helps us find and pair the right match for our clients. Our goal is to match two people to fulfill half our deen. As Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “No house has been built in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah than through marriage.”

Muslim Events and Retreats

Do you want to meet other Muslims? Look no further Pious Hearts is the #1 best Muslim Event Service!! We host a variety of Muslim-friendly events so you can either make new friends, network, or find that special one. From our exciting modern singles events to our thrilling adventure events open to all Muslims. Need a vacation? We hear you… about a fun-filled or relaxing break with our retreats and wellness resorts while spending time with other like-minded Muslims rather it be for married couples, singles, groups of friends, or families.




Find Your Match in 4 Easy Steps

  • 1. Pick a package

    Choose from one of our three packages that suits your needs

  • 2. Fill Out Profile

    Answer questions about yourself to help us understand who you are.

  • 3. Consultation

    All members will have a video consult with their matchmaker to verify your identity and personality

  • 4. Matching Begins

    Profile is complete! We find you a match. Lets get started!

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