Changing the way Muslims meet and get married

Pious Hearts is an online Islamic matchmaking company focused on connecting Muslim singles for the purpose of marriage.

What Is Matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the process of connecting two single Muslims for the sake of marriage.

While the term “Matchmaking” does sound a bit outdated, matchmaking is now becoming much more mainstream for single Muslims in America.

With matchmaking, you meet with a matchmaker who gets to know you on a very deep level. You discuss exactly what you are looking for in a spouse, and your matchmaker will connect you with people who are compatible with you.

Our focus is on quality matches.

How Does Matchmaking Work?

At Pious Hearts, the matchmaking process is simple, easy, and private.

You start by filling out a detailed profile about yourself. Our matchmakers want to get to know you on a deep level, so you answer questions about yourself, your family, your career, personality traits, religious views and commitment, and what you are looking for in a spouse.

You can be as detailed as possible here. Our goal is to match you with someone we feel you are compatible with.

Once your profile is complete, you have an initial face to face consultation with one of our matchmakers.

During this consultation, we get to know you on a much deeper level (are you quiet, extroverted, shy? what are your deal breakers? what are things you cannot settle on? are you willing to relocate? etc). We want to make sure we cover everything so that when we do send you matches, we are confident that there is compatibility with that person.

Matchmaking starts!

We take detailed notes, review your profile, and go through our database and networks to hand-select your ideal match.

Once we have someone we think you will be compatible with, we send you a message letting you know.

You have 3 days from the time we send you a message to review the profile of your potential match. Only if both parties agree and like each other’s profile, we will connect the two of you.

You can check in with your matchmaker whether you have questions or need advice.

When you receive a positive match and start to communicate with that person if at any time you realize that this person is not for you, all you have to do is inform that person of your decision.

We value our client’s satisfaction so much.

We will continue to match you until we find you your Naseeb, inshaAllah!

How Is This Different Than Apps And Online Marriage Sites?

Unlike marriage apps and websites, Pious Hearts does not allow users to browse hundreds of profiles.

Instead, we get to know you on a very personal level and send you matches that we think you have a huge chance of marrying.

We feel that this process is much more efficient since you can begin to get to know someone immediately and focus on only one person. Speaking with 3-4 people at once is tiring and inefficient.

Putting your effort towards getting to know one person will lead to marriage much sooner. Our focus is on the quality of matches that we send you, not the quantity.

How Long Does It Take to Find a Spouse?

We have single Muslims from all over the United States and Canada signing up for Pious Hearts.

We do our very best to find you a match soon after you register, but your naseeb could be someone who signs up the following month.

Patience is the key to this process!

How Many Matches Do I Get Every Month?

Since our process focuses on quality people, we do not set a specific number of monthly matches for you.

Some of our members may receive one match, and that may end up being the one!

Others may receive 2 or 3 matches in a month, and decide that none of them is the right person for them.

We keep trying until we find you that special one.

What Happens If I’m Interested In A Match?

If you are interested in a match that we send you, you have 3 days to respond or notify your matchmaker.

If both parties agree, we will connect the two of you and you can begin getting to know one another.

Depending on the package you are subscribed to you may have monthly check-ins with your matchmaker to let them know how things are going.

What Happens If I’m Not Interested In Getting To Know A Match?

If you are not interested in knowing someone, no worries at all. Just let your matchmaker know that you are not interested and why.

This feedback will help us match you with someone who is more compatible.

I Feel Like I’ve Tried It All. Does This Really Work?

Yes! Read what these couples have to say about our service.

Interested In Being Matched?

Pious Hearts is changing the way that single Muslims meet and get married. If you are interested to learn more, give us a call or contact us here.

Ready to sign up for a package? Just click this link and you’ll be one step closer to finding that special one! Or check out our packages below.

Find Your Match in 4 Easy Steps

  • 1. Pick a package

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  • 2. Fill Out Profile

    Answer questions about yourself to help us understand who you are.

  • 3. Consultation

    All members will have a video consult with their matchmaker to verify your identity and personality

  • 4. Matching Begins

    Profile is complete! We find you a match. Lets get started!

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